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Strategy notes

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Our advantages:

-Catholics outnumber the progressives. 

-The desire is there. Men want to contend for the Church and civilization. In other words, morale, if properly channeled, would be high. 

-The enemy is used to proceeding unopposed. Any resistance will catch them off guard  

The advantages of the enemy:

-Progressives control large portions of the hierarchy. They have not only breeches the gates, they now effectively control the fortress. 

-Progressives also control journalism and much of academia. 

-Progressives have the aid of their secular fellow travelers. In fact, they are one and the same. 

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This is a riff on Progressive institutional control, but we need safe, public locations to disseminate memetic/apologetic weaponry.

Building these and safeguarding them is the next phase of a reaction, since right now it is much more like insurgent warfare with a few strongholds in the form of popular youtube figures, priests, or others.

I think this is more or less what Benjamin Harnwell is building (with the aid of Steve Bannon) at the DH institute.

Perhaps we can be permanently more or less insurgent, but I think that will require a very deliberate word of mouth campaign to all of our "nodes" where messages are sent out. We also have to have loose links to those nodes, since any single target can be taken down by the powers that be (I think this is mentioned in the constitution/charter of FTC).